Dmitry Kostylew

Member of the International Artists' Association and the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.

Born in 1976 in Izhevsk.
Graduated from the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (portrait studio).
Graduation work - a portrait of singer Evgeniya Smolyaninova.

A member of several exhibitions of Moscow Artists.
In 1998 hold a personal exhibition in Zelenograd exhibition hall.
Lives and works in Moscow.

"Creative work for me is an attempt to find answers to eternal questions of human existence... And turning to deserving and strong Personalities of the past and modern age - such as St. Metropolitan Peter of Moscow or Peter I, the Emperor of Russia and others - comes from the desire, by the examples of their lives, to get somewhat nearer to this Goal.

The landscape genre is interesting to me in a different way - through vivid impressions which are most often born in trips, and then these impressions simply call to be embodied on canvas. Examples of this are a number of landscapes of the Crimea or my series "Impressions from New-York", - the city, which struck me by a combination of magnificent architecture and as if intact nature.

When a painting is yet at the concept stage I try to see it at once in a frame - which for me is part of the general concept - and must help bring out the image...

That is exactly why for most of my paintings I invent original frames, which may be seen on the "Portrait of Evgeniya Smolyaninova", "Portrait of the Metropolitan Peter of Moscow" or on the series of landscapes of New-York...

Hopefully I will be able to further grow in these directions, I think, creative work - is just my Way.

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Some our works at ArtWanted.Com:
Works 1
Works 2


Portrait of singer Evgeniya Smolyaninova.

Choosing a way. (Tzar Peter Alexeevich in German suburb).

Choosing a way. (Fragment).


Metropolitan Peter of Moscow.

Metropolitan Peter of Moscow (Fragment).

Henchman of the prince.


Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday (Fragment).

St. Petersburg. A view to English quay.


The fog. (Impressions of New-York series).

On the rocks. Central Park.
(Impressions of New-York series).

Whisper of Autumn. (Impressions of New-York series).


Fifth Avenue. (Impressions of New-York series).

Manhattan sky

Portait of Danila.


Celtic melody.

Fragment of picture frame maded by artist by his own sketch.

Celtica. (Fragment).


Celtica. (Fragment).

Balaklava bay.

Portarit of Anna Mazur.


Sudak. Evenign.

Holy ruins of Kherson.

Ruins of Kherson. (Fragment).


Old man in cuirass. Sketch.

Genoese fortress. Balaklava.

Sudak. Fortress.


Over the world.

Portrait of a girl in a historical suit.

Blooming and Fading.


Cape Feolent. Sketch.

Fortress. Sketch.

Koktebel bay. Rainbow.



Balaklava. Sketch.






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